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Conference Sessions

International Vaccines and Virology Conference, i-Vaccines 2021-Sessions

Recent Research and Development

Coronavirus Disease, Medicine and Vaccine for Covid-19, New Vaccine Pipeline, Clinical Trials of Vaccines, Behavioural Interventions, Novel Vaccine Delivery Methods, Vaccine Adjuvants, Vaccine Safety, Vaccine implementation, STD Vaccine, Vaccine Availablity

Learn more about Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) and Vaccines at International Vaccines and Virology Conference

Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Vaccines

COVID Vaccine Studies: Design, Plan and Execution, Vaccine Distribution, COVID-19 Clinical Trials Execution: Problems and Solution, Improving Vaccine Availability, Vaccine Hesitancy, Covid-19 Policy Choices & Impacts: Effects of lockdowns, Border Closures, and Other Non-Pharmacological Interventions, Vaccine Deployment, and Implementation, Vaccine Bioprocess and Manufacturing, Immune Response, Immunomodulation

International Vaccines and Virology Conference, i-Vaccines 2021- Conference Sessions

Disease-Specific Vaccines

Emerging Diseases (Chik, Zika, Dengue, Ebola, Nipah, Coronavirus, Other), Enteric Vaccines e.g. Cholera, Typhoid and Rotavirus; Mosquito-borne Viruses e.g. Dengue, Japanese Encephalitis, Zika, Malaria, and Chikungunya; Respiratory Viruses e.g. Influenza, Respiratory Syncytial virus; Polio; Vaccines Human Papilloma Virus; Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR), Hepatitic viruses and Others

International Vaccines and Virology Conference, i-Vaccines 2021-Sessions

Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapy

Cancer Vaccine Delivery Technology, Nanoparticle Delivery Systems, DNA Delivery via Electroporation, Cancer Prevention Vaccines, Vaccines for Cancer Treatment- Whole Tumor Vaccines, Antigen Vaccines, Dendritic Cell Vaccines, DNA Vaccines, Anti-idiotype Vaccines, Autologous Cancer Vaccines, Allogenic Cancer Vaccines, Protein or Peptide Cancer Vaccines, DNA Vaccines, Clinical Trials, Monoclonal Antibodies, Biological Response Modifiers

Learn more about Clinical Trials of Vaccines at International Vaccines and Virology Conference, i-Vaccines 2021-Sessions

Clinical Trials

Vaccines Safety, Efficacy & Clinical Trails, Vaccination Strategies, Clinical safety, Pre-licensure, Post licensure, Challenges CoPs, Placebo-Controlled Trials, Vaccines Policy and Regulatory Affairs,  Preclinical and early clinical vaccine studies

HIV AIDS- International Vaccines and Virology Conference, i-Vaccines 2021-Sessions

HIV Research

HIV Basic and Translational Research, Epidemiology and Prevention Research, Social and Behavioral Research, Antiretroviral Therapy and Strategies for the cure, HIV and aging-related Inflammation and Immune Activation and Related Drug Interactions, Co-infections, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Treatment as Prevention, Novel Trial Design, and Monitoring Strategies, Social and Behavioural Factors, HIV Drug Resistance

Vaccines Safety and Ethics-International Vaccines and Virology Conference, i-Vaccines 2021-Sessions

Vaccines Safety and Ethics

Vaccine Safety, Cost-Effectiveness and Decision-Making, Vaccine Registries, Novel Consultations, Vaccine Hesitancy, Communications and Social Mobilization, Vaccine Safety Monitoring and Vaccine Pharmacovigilance, Vaccination Promotion and Requirements, The Ethics of Vaccine Trials, Vaccine Refusal and the Risks of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, Equitable Access to Vaccines in Emergencies, GMP for Vaccines, cGMP Issues for Upstream and Downstream Processing, Containment, Biological Safety and Product Protection,

International Vaccines and Virology Conference, i-Vaccines 2021-Sessions

Vaccines Projects

Cost Reduction Strategies, Sales and Marketing Initiatives, Business Development, Manufacturing Research & Innovation, Immunization Research & Development, Projects & Public Affairs, Legal and Compliance Work, Equipment Certification Services.

International Vaccines and Virology Conference, i-Vaccines 2021-Sessions

Vaccines in Specific

Vaccines for Pregnant Mothers, Adolescents, and Infants,  Vaccination of Premature Infants and Adults with Special Health Conditions, Paediatric Vaccines, Traveller Vaccines, Therapeutic Vaccination, Vaccines for Immigrants and Refugees, Recommended Vaccines for Healthcare Workers

Meet Virology experts at International Vaccines and Virology Conference, i-Vaccines 2021-Sessions-SARS


General Virology and Their Transmission, SARS, Viral Pathogenesis, Host Cell Response to Viral Infection, Diagnosis And Treatment Of Different Viral Infections, Viral Infection, Viral Genome Replication, Viral Oncogenesis, Pathogenesis of Virus Infections, Mechanisms of Virus Replication, Viral Genetics and Evolution

International Vaccines and Virology Conference, i-Vaccines 2021-Sessions

Viral Infections and Therapy

Viral break-out Prevention and Measures, Diagnostic and Early Detection of Viral Infections, Viral Hepatitis, Viral immunology Infection & Immunity, Antiviral Medicine,Therapeutic approaches & Targets for Viral Infections, Immunology of Virus Diseases, Innate immunity, Adaptive immunity

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